Invited Talks

Challenges for M*-core Systems
Steven Hand, University of Cambridge

Abstract: We are now firmly in the multi-core era in which improvements in performance are intended to come from parallel speed-ups. In this talk I discuss the various challenges I perceive for the systems community in this space. I will discuss a number of partial solutions by a variety of authors, but mostly this will be a talk which throws up more questions than answers. I hope to refine and improve this situation with feedback from the audience!

The multicore evolution and operating systems
Frans Kaashoek, MIT

Abstract: Multicore chips with hundreds of cores will likely be available soon.  Although many applications have significant inherent parallelism (e.g., mail servers), their scalability on many cores can be limited by the underlying operating system.  We have built or modified several kernels (Corey, Linux, and xv6) to explore OS designs that scale with increasing number of cores.  This talk will summarize our experiences by exploring questions such as what is the impact of kernel scalability on application scalability, is a revolution in kernel design necessary to achieve kernel scalability, and what limits kernel scalability.

Joint work with: S. Boyd-Wickizer, A. Clements, Y. Mao, A. Pesterev, R. Morris, and N. Zeldovich